ag8亚洲游戏国际平台对情况卖力的生物基润滑油是配方自可再生的农业资源 ,他们的低毒性 ,生物降解性是一定的。ag8亚洲游戏国际平台的可降解润滑油配方凭据ASTM D–5864嗜氧生物降解润滑油标准已经经过了评估和广泛的生物降解测试(已进行了凌驾40种生物研究) ,其最终可降解PW1(ASTM可降解测试的最高品级)和抵达并凌驾了美国鱼类和野生动物治理署和美国环保局EPA的毒性测试(LC- 50)标准。

USDA对生物基测试由爱荷华州立大学可连续情况技术中心进行。ag8亚洲游戏国际平台由NIST进行通过BEES(构建的情况和经济的可连续性)剖析。BEES通过情况中的生命周期剖析可以对情况影响进行评估(ISO 14040系列标准划定)。

Renewable Lubricants’ Biobased Products are environmentally responsible lubricants that are formulated from renewable agricultural resources. They should be especially used where low toxicity and biodegradability properties are required. Renewable Lubricants’ bio-formulas have been evaluated and extensively tested as Biodegradable according to ASTM D-5864 Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation of Lubricants (over 40 bio-studies have been performed), and when noted, are Ultimate Biodegradable Pw1, (ASTM’s highest rating) and meet/exceed the acute toxicity (LC-50) criteria adopted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. EPA. The bacterial microorganisms used in biodegradation tests are some of the simplest forms of life, and like all living organisms, are adversely affected by the presence of chemical toxins. The low toxicity of these biobased products is demonstrated by the microorganism’s ability to multiply and biodegrade Renewable Lubricants’ Biobased Products in ASTM D-5864 biodegradation studies.

ASTM D-6046 Environmental Impact  Classification of Lubricant Tests Also available:
OECD 201 Alga, Growth Inhibition Test
OECD 202 Daphnia, Immobilization and Reproduction Test
OECD 203 Fish, Acute Toxicity Test